Why Sclerotherapy Might Be Right for You

Why Sclerotherapy Might Be Right for You

Numerous body parts can develop “spider veins,” which some people find unsightly from a cosmetic standpoint. The Best Injector provides sclerotherapy therapies that can reduce unsightly reticular and spider veins on the legs. This post discusses the various reasons why sclerotherapy might be right for you.

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a cosmetic technique that reduces some reticular, varicose, and spider veins, usually on the legs, ankles, and feet.

The veins are given an injection of a substance that makes them shut down and collapse. The veins will dissolve within a few weeks of the surgery, making sclerotherapy a desirable cosmetic treatment. Blood will automatically be sent to healthy veins in your hands or legs, making it safe and efficient. The role of the varicose veins will be replaced by collateral circulation.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The precise length of the procedure depends on the number of varicose veins each patient has. Typically, it takes under an hour. Compared to surgery, sclerotherapy takes far less time.

There is also a shorter recuperation period. You are free to go once you have had the injection, are covered in bandages, and wear compression socks because it is an outpatient operation. 

After sclerotherapy, you should adhere to your doctor’s advice. Typically, they advise you to refrain from vigorous exercise for two weeks while wearing bandages and compression stockings. You are free to carry on with your regular activities other than that.

Does Sclerotherapy Have Side Effects?

Sclerotherapy typically has mild side effects. There may be bruising, raised red sites, minor skin sores, darkened skin lines or spots, and numerous tiny red blood vessels close to the injection site. Any marks left behind within a few weeks of the procedure should disappear. 

Blood clots, inflammation, and an allergic reaction are more uncommon side effects. If any of these symptoms appear, speak to your doctor right away.

Will You Benefit from Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a treatment option for those who have varicose or spider veins. Your hands or legs will no longer have deep red or purple markings. Sclerotherapy is a relatively easy remedy if the main reason you are concerned about your veins is your appearance. 

You no longer have to wear clothing or makeup to hide your veins. Sclerotherapy also leaves no visible scars afterward, unlike surgery.

Sclerotherapy may also be helpful for people who have varicose veins that cause pain or aching. After the surgery, your pain should disappear because the veins that bother you are removed. Your body will rebalance itself so that blood flow continues without giving you pain, edema, or other unpleasant symptoms.

Here are some benefits of sclerotherapy if you are suffering from unsightly veins.

Pain Relief

Your skin is put under a lot of pressure by varicose veins. They are uncomfortable and frequently painful. The sclerotherapy treatment releases the internal stress that the veins are under and the pressure from bulging that the veins inflict on the surrounding tissues by eliminating the damaged, weak veins.

These dead veins eventually dissolve as your body absorbs them. You experience no more pain or discomfort as your blood is redirected to healthy veins that can withstand the “internal pressure” of the venous blood.

Conveniently Outpatient Care

The fact that this treatment is delivered on an outpatient basis is one of its finest features. Its convenience eliminates the stress over what to bring for an overnight hospital stay.

Each 15 to 30-minute treatment is carried out conveniently in our modern office. Then you can resume whatever you had planned for the rest of the day.

Highly Accessible

Sclerotherapy is highly accessible in two aspects: required downtime and health risks.

Surgery to remove veins may not be appropriate for all patients. Not everyone has enough paid time off to take time off work for recovery. Fortunately, sclerotherapy doesn’t require lengthy downtime; almost everyone can receive this treatment. 

No aftercare is necessary, and no pain or discomfort is experienced during or after treatment.

You should avoid severe heat, blood-thinning drugs, supplements, and strenuous cardiovascular exercise for 72 hours following therapy. To hasten the time it takes to see results, you should wear a compression garment that you have been prescribed. Apart from that, you are free to resume your usual activities.

One of the most crucial aspects of deciding whether you are a good candidate for this treatment is your health, even though the best candidates do not smoke or drink excessively. You are a suitable candidate for this therapy if you are in good general health, including not having an active infection at the treatment site.

To decide if this is the best varicose vein treatment option, we will assess your health, the state of your veins, the size of your veins, and their location during your initial consultation.

Quick Treatment

We are aware of how busy life may be. We are thrilled to provide you with the varicose vein treatments most practical for your needs and way of life. Depending on the size of the varicose or spider veins and how many veins need to be treated during your treatment session, each treatment only takes 15 to 30 minutes.

We will accurately estimate how much time you need to budget for your vein therapy during your initial appointment. You can easily fit your treatment into your hectic schedule.


Sclerotherapy is a very safe procedure. The U.S. thoroughly examined it. The Food and Drug Administration has established that it is secure and efficient for treating varicose and spider veins.

All that takes place during this procedure is a series of carefully placed injections, not the removal or cutting of skin or tissue.

Improved Leg Appearance

People with varicose veins often lack self-confidence because of how their legs look. Sclerotherapy quickly and safely solves this problem. Rather than having blue, bulging veins putting pressure on your skin, your legs will be smooth and healthy.

Reap the Benefits of Sclerotherapy, Contact the Best Injector

Work with the Best Injector team to get the most out of a sclerotherapy procedure. Contact us at 561-690-9988 or email [email protected] to schedule a consultation.


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